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About Us

Values of HasH33
  • Honesty
  • To work honestly together with each other whether it is with our team or the clients’ team. Honesty brings in a sense of credibility and togetherness within HasH33.

  • Attitude (Positive)
  • Positive Attitude is believed to be a key ingredient of our success as it will always bring out a challenging and creative environment within HasH33.

  • Simplicity
  • Being Simple helps everyone at HasH33 to empathize and understand each other. It makes HasH33 to accept the reality of the world and to be simple in whatever we do.

  • Happiness
  • Happiness is the final and most important value of HasH33 as every action should result in bringing in Happiness. This is why HasH33 encourages a good balance of work and life.

HasH33 is a dynamic, young company which believes in adding value to clients to help them to differentiate themselves in the market. We believe in delivering innovative solutions to our customers by understanding the delivery timelines and budget constraints without compromising the quality at any given time. We believe in providing the best possible solution the client could ever imagine of. Our intentions are to develop long-term relationships with our clients, which allow HasH33 to boast of the clients’ experience for decades.

Our Team

Our team comprises of a highly skilled panel of young professionals who brings in the experience from various industry domains. The team consists of personnel who have Masters Qualifications in the areas of Business and Computer Science. Our team has added value to clients not only by providing the required solutions but also in terms of consultancy and best business practices. We believe in understanding the client as well as an employee of the client organization would understand the business. This helps our team to add continuous value and innovation to the client’s business.

Website Development


Synergy Blended Learning

"Working with HasH33 was different especially when it came to flexibility, which sadly most web design companies lack in Sri Lanka. It is very rarely that a website can be designed based on a written sheet of paper as every now and then changes have to be made when the design is in progress. HasH33 not only accommodated such modifications with pleasure but also gave their input in terms of critical evaluation and creative insights. In this day and age when there are hundreds of run off the mill so called web designers this customer friendly approach is very rare. Added to this being a team of professionals they are well versed with how best to manage the web solutions they design."  
Michael Ranasinghe
Synergy School of Marketing

C G Associates

"We were looking for a web solutions provider to transfer our website to, as we were having trouble with the current service provider and the exorbitant prices they were charging. HasH33 transferred our website to a new host, gave it a new and improved look, set up our corporate emails and converted it to a wordpress site in no time and at an extremely reasonable price. The addressing of our needs in a very professional and courteous manner in double quick time is very much appreciated. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with them and wish HasH33 all the very best."  
Charuni Gunawardana
Senior Attorney
C G Associates

Industrial Association of Sri Lanka

"HasH33 was entrusted with setting up a website in 2010 for IASL(Industrial Association of SL). My first interaction with them was when we started the discussion on the requirements for IASL.They were very positive and provided guidance to us using their experience.... They went the extra mile in giving us different options which helped us to select and identify the best option for IASL for the website within a very short period of time which enabled us to launch the website in time for the Annual General Meeting in 2010. They are highly customer oriented, will be there to support always and sends the web analytic reports on time. I am happy to recommend them to any company or organisation who are looking for website development.."  
Gayani de Alwis
Former Customer Service Director
Unilever Sri Lanka LTD
Exco Member of IASL

Synergy Learning Portal

"Working with HasH33 to set up the learning portal for Synergy School of Marketing was an experience which is rare in Sri Lanka. The manner in which they set about their task in understanding the needs of the institute and the immense maturity and patience they displaced when confronted with numerous clarifications from non IT professionals was commendable. The learning portal today serves over 300 students and has been helpful in Synergy enhancing the value it provides the students. HasH33 are on call whenever there is a technical issue which is once again very rare in the Sri Lankan context as many service providers are lackluster in their after sales support to the customer. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending HasH33 team to anyone who seeks a professional and credible IT solution provider."  
Michael Ranasinghe
Synergy School of Marketing

Mahamaya Girls’ College Kandy, Past Pupils’ Association, Colombo Branch

"I appreciate HasH33, in taking on our website when we were looking to transfer from our previous service provider who was systematically increasing their charges. HasH33, has since, improved our site and has been most helpful in giving valuable advice and attending to our many requests very professionally and efficiently. Professionalism displayed is highly commendable. I have no hesitation in recommending their services to anyone needing to develop their websites. I wish them every success."  
Yasmin Kodithuwakku Fernando
Committee 2013
Mahamaya Girls’ College Kandy
Past Pupils’ Association
Colombo Branch

Kandy House (1942)

"I appreciate HasH33 (Pvt) Ltd for their help and assistance in setting up the web page for the 1942 Kandy House. The quick response, understanding of the requirements of the family as well as putting together the web page which was a long overdue project was all possible due to their enthusiasm and professionalism. On behalf of the family I am extending our gratitude for a great job achieved in such a short period of time. I wish them and their company all the success."  
Dilmini Dissanayake
Charted Architect


"The design of the Genesis website was a project which we handed over to HasH33 at short notice and the result was beyond our expectations. The co-ordination and execution skills of the team and their knowledge was impeccable . The frequent changes which we as a client made to the design of the site prior to launch was managed well by HasH33 team. Their understanding of our requirements and the way in which they set about making their own recommendations displayed their professional acumen. I wish them all the best in this venture they are planning on launching."  
Michael Ranasinghe
Genesis Learning

Digital Marketing



"HasH33 has been an important part of our marketing communication team, and the driving force behind our success in the digital space. They are always full of ideas and have demonstrated a level of flexibility that is beyond their scope of work. They have introduced a transparency in terms of measuring the effectiveness of our online efforts, and I must say that this has helped us fine tune the way we operate in the digital space. Which in turn has brought about a lot of success for us. The acid test of any agency is the way they act when the client is not in the room – and I can safely say our interests have always been well looked after by the dedicated team at HasH33."  
Charith De Chickera
Head of Brands and Communication
Bharti Airtel Lanka

Absolute Sri Lanka

"We at Absolute Sri Lanka believe we have made an excellent decision in appointing HasH33 as our exclusive digital marketing partner. HasH33 have made it possible for Absolute Sri Lanka to entice a clientele beyond the boundaries of Sri Lanka through their innovative marketing and promotional efforts. We have found the HasH33 teams work to be both professional and original leaving the management of Absolute Sri Lanka at complete ease with the confidence of knowing they can depend on HasH33 to create and enhance the company’s virtual image to its finest."  
Hana Hettiaratchi Sklenarova

Synergy School of Marketing

"Synergy School of Marketing having been in the forefront of professional education since 1999 made a prudent decision to appoint HasH33 as our exclusive digital marketing consultants. This ensured that we were in a position to take our value offering to the next level which resulted in greater efficiency. We are today in a position to offer blended learning to overseas students through virtual learning portal managed by HasH33. Synergy is active in social media and is set for greater digital break through innovations based on the advice and guidance we receive from the dedicated and professionals in HasH33. It's a sad reality that professionalism is an after thought in most consultants but not so in this young team at HasH33. I have the confidence to take the phone or drop an SMS and mention concern of mine and within minutes I am assured that they are working on my problem. This is what true professionals are made of. I wish this team success to go from strength to strength."  
Michael Ranasinghe
Director Synergy School of Marketing

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